French Photographers from AFP seek a court injunction for breach of their authors' rights

Twenty five photographers from the French press agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) together with the French visual arts and photographers association Société des Auteurs des Arts Visuels et de l'Image Fixe (SAIF) have sued AFP and Corbis-Sygma for infringing their authors' rights.

AFP has been using photographers' works abusively on different media, including the internet, and has given the company Corbis-Sygma - a provider of digital media - the right to use their photos. According to the plaintiffs, the Corbis-Sygma is reproducing and exploiting the photos in breach of their authors' rights as well as SAIF's collective rights.

In order to stop AFP and Cordis-Sygma from exploiting their photos, photographers are calling for an injunction claiming a 15,000 euro fine per day. They also request the appointment of an expert to determine the profit made by AFP. Photographers are ready to claim 10% of the total profit that AFP made on their photos.