Federation of Nepalese Journalists Appeal for International Action as Media Crisis Escalates

The General Secretary of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Bishnu Nisthuri, remains arrested although his place of detention is not known.

However, FNJ President, Tara Nath Dahal, has evaded security forces and remains in hiding contrary to early reports of his arrest. He has smuggled out an appeal in a letter to the President of the International Federation of Journalists.

"The crisis in Nepal is continuing to deepen," said IFJ President, Christopher Warren

"The king and the army are maintaining their efforts to censor the media and are arresting those who refuse to accept the coup," Warren said.

"The appeal from Tara Nath Dahal to the world journalist community is a sign that the resistance in Nepal to the coup combined with the international pressure on King Gyanendra is continuing. The pressure inside and outside Nepal sends a common message: the challenges of Nepal cannot be resolved without the restoration of democracy and press freedom."

Nepal remains largely cut off. The Internet is largely closed. International calls are blocked. Mobile networks are down and landlines are sporadically available although believed to be monitored by security forces.

Click here to view the statement by the FNJ which lead to the arrest of Bishnu and the attempted arrest of Tara Nath.

For further information, contact Christopher Warren on +61 411 757 668
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