<font size="5">Putting Journalism to Rights

Unions’ Role in a New Media Landscape

<font size="4">EFJ Annual Meeting

Bled, 7-9 April 2006



This year’s Annual Meeting took place in Bled (Slovenia) on April 7-9. Under the title “Putting Journalism to Rights, Unions’ Role in a New Media Landscape” the delegates of the EFJ discussed challenges to independent quality journalism by corporate interests, increasingly hostile employers, European Union attempts to undermine independent journalism, freelance rights as well as press freedom issues focusing on Belarus, Turkey, and the Ukraine. It also denounced the behaviour of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) regarding measures limiting the freedom of movement and the access to information of journalists at the upcoming World Championship in Germany (see resolution 21).

Participants from former Socialist and Soviet states agreed to organise a network of journalists’ unions to confront continuing problems regarding union rights and media freedom.

The Annual Meeting organised a special session on gender issues including the launch of a toolkit on media portrayal of women in politics, and an EFJ survey on women in journalism.

Resolutions adopted

Charter on Freelance Rights

Appeal "informing in danger", Switzerland

Statement on Slovenia