EFJ Accuses Macedonia Police of “Brazen Intimidation” of Journalists After TV Raid

The European Federation of

Journalists, the regional group of the International Federation of Journalists today

condemned yesterday's raid by the police of Macedonia's national broadcaster A1

TV. The police claimed the raid was part of a fraud investigation, but the

journalists are convinced it is part of political pressure on a media outlet

that has been critical of the authorities.


has a very poor record when it comes to defending the independence of

journalism and this raid smacks of brazen intimidation of journalists," said

Aidan White, the General Secretary of the EFJ. "We deplore this intervention and

we support our member, the Macedonian Association of Journalists, in its

protest against this latest assault."

Though it has not been confirmed that the TV

channel was in fact the target of the original raid the drama played out during

a live broadcast throughout the evening with several hundred people trying to

break through the police cordon around the building.

The station's journalists, who were initially

trapped inside the building, claim the raid was an attempt to shut down the TV

station which is known for its criticism of the government. They say the police

blocked them from doing their jobs and that two of their colleagues were

physically attacked by the officers.

"The police must give a full public

explanation of these events," said White. "When police action leads to public

outcry like this they must be held accountable and the people who ordered the

raid must take their responsibility."

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