Colombian Federation of Journalists elects IFJ Gender Council Representative and launches “Women of FECOLPER” network

The Colombian Federation of Journalists (FECOLPER) elected, - through internal elections, journalist Ada Echenique Soto as IFJ Gender Council Representative for Colombia. The organization, affiliated to the IFJ, was established last May 2nd, in the city of Medellín, represents more than 1000 journalists in 18 departments of Colombia. FECOLPER fights for better social and work conditions and currently has 24 regional organizations in Colombia, 12 are lead by women journalists. Three hundred fifty women are part of FECOLPER.

“The IFJ Gender Council is a fundamental organ to explore initiatives and help out women journalists, many of them the bread winners in their families, single mothers without any kind of support from media organizations,” said Ada Echenique Soto, FECOLPER treasurer and member of the directive board of the Associative Work Company, Journalists of Bolivar, located in Cartagena.
“It is the first time that the IFJ has a gender co-ordinator in the region. This nomination is a great move. First, because it shows the willingness of our unions in the region to place the battle for better gender equality in journalism at a global level and to become part of a world network of men and women journalists fighting for more equality of treatment in the workplace. Second, because having an IFJ Gender council coordinator in the region means that further projects and initiatives on gender equality can be further expanded and looked after in the region to ensure that women and men journalists are treated equally and that gender portrayal in the news is made in the most fair and professional manner,” said Pamela Morinière, IFJ officer for gender issues.
The Federation also announced the launch of the Women of FECOLPER Network, a vital tool aimed at identity and gender equality awareness and discussion on strategies to confront violations to women’s rights and information quality on gender issues.

“There are many disadvantages and difficulties women journalists face on a daily basis and it is far worse in hostile zones of our country,” added Ada Echenique.

“It is impossible to talk about decent work conditions for journalists without considering the hardships of our courageous women. Their stories need to be told and their rights need to be respected, once and for all. The current chaotic world where contradictions are ‘solved’ with war, is owed to the men in power; it’s time to know what society would be like managed by women,” declared Eduardo Márquez, FECOLPER President.