Ceso-FIP condemns attempt against journalist of the Circle of Journalists in Cali, Colombia

The Center of Solidarity of the International Federation of Journalists (CESO – FIP), energically condemned the murder attempt of colleague Edgar Buitrago Rico, newspaper La Razón director, in the city of Cali, leaving three shot, yesterday, Tuesday, February 20.

According to the narration of the journalist’s bodyguard, Gustavo Adolfo Alape, who has been assigned by the Security Administration Department (DAS), hitmen tried to enter the newspaper’s offices and Alape was able to timely react with his weapon and prevented the crime. However, during the cross fire, the bodyguard, a media worker of La Razón and a passerby, were wounded.

Last February 9, during the celebration of Journalist’s Day, and after being condecorated by the Circle of Journalists of Cali (CPC), Edgar Buitrago spoke about several death threats he received through emails. Buitrago has been a well known investigator, who has worked in corruption cases in the southwest region of the country.

“The International Federation of Journalists supports CPC’s call on the Metropolitan Police Commander, Brigadier General Luis Alberto Moore, to take charge of the investigation and deliver justice in this latest case of intolerance against press freedom; we hope the material and intellectual authors of this crime are brought before competent judges”, said Eduardo Márquez, Ceso-FIP Director.

Marquez concluded: “The only way to end the reigning impunity in cases of crimes and aggressions against journalists in Colombia, is to dissuade the criminals through effective actions carried out by the authorities”.

Center of Solidarity