IFJ Congress 2001: 2. Union Network International

2. Union Network International

Proposed: NUJ Great Britain and Ireland

The 24th IFJ Congress meeting in Seoul on June 11th to June 15th, 2001

noting the creation of UNI – Union Network International – bringing together 15.5 million members in 800 unions, one of the world’s largest grouping of individual trade unions,

aware that with a small group of global corporations already dominating huge areas of entertainment and the media and with new technology bringing these two industries together, members of both federations increasingly work for the same global employers,

believing that by pooling resources media workers are better equipped to develop a more effective voice in their dealings with global corporations, governments and international institutions,

welcomes the cooperation between UNI and the IFJ on several fronts – authors' rights, freelance, globalisation and public service broadcasting – and instructs the Executive Committee to continue developing joint work with UNI with a view to bring to the next Congress proposals for a more permanent relationship.