Rewriting the story: Gender, Media and Politics

This project will directly address barriers to the fair representation and portrayal of women and men in political life.

Working with frontline journalists, news media managers, journalists’ unions and associations, gender experts, media self-regulatory bodies, women active in political life, academics and, crucially, the next generation of media professionals, the project will seek to initiate reforms in European media with regard to newsroom culture, policies and processes which improve the professional understanding and practices with regard to gender portrayal of women and men in political and public life and by doing so empower citizens to make informed decisions, especially with regard to elections.

To achieve its objectives the project will:
● Research the challenges and obstacles to women and men’s equal participation and portrayal in political and public life in the media - and map existing best practices across private and public media and all platforms.
● Develop specialised training modules for journalists and media newsrooms and make them accessible on the AGEMI platform.
● Deliver training for 28 IFJ journalists’ trainers to help build national capacity and amplify ability to secure change
● Deliver tailored training courses for journalists and journalism and media students on gender portrayal in politics
● Build bridges between journalism students and media professionals
● Run an innovative Peer-to Peer programme, work with newsroom managers, producers, journalists and journalists’ unions to produce and adopt protocols, guidelines, agreements and initiate a mindset shift towards gender equality in editorial decisions and newsroom organisation and working conditions.

Partners: IFJ (with the specific involvement of the Croatia journalists' union and the Union of Cyprus journalists), University of Padova (Italy), COPEAM.

Starting date: 1 November 2022
Duration: 24 months

Funding: European Commission

Watch the video to know more about Rewriting the story: