IFJ Congress 2001: 9. Collective Bargaining, Freelance Rights and Authors’ Rights

9. Collective Bargaining, Freelance Rights and Authors’ Rights

Proposed: Executive Committee

The 24th Congress of the IFJ, meeting in Seoul from June 11-16th 2001,

noting the difficulties faced by member unions seeking to guarantee collective bargaining rights, to defend the interests of freelance staff and to promote authors’ rights for all journalists,

reaffirming the policies agreed by previous Congress resolutions on these matters,

believing that these issues should be embedded within the project planning and activities of the IFJ,

instructs the Executive Committee to support the work of the Expert Groups established by the European Federation of Journalists and to disseminate information on the work of these groups throughout the structure of the IFJ.

In particular, Congress congratulates the Executive Committee and those member unions who gave active support to the organisation of the Authors’ Rights For All World Summit and

urges the Executive Committee efforts to strengthen IFJ campaigning work in the field of authors’ rights and defence of the rights of freelance journalists.

Congress further instructs the Executive Committee to strengthen these activities by preparing an effective databank of standards and collective agreements in order to provide member unions with access to timely and relevant information for use in collective bargaining.