IFJ Congress 2001: 4. Globalisation and Media

4. Globalisation and Media

Proposed: Executive Committee

The 24th Congress of the IFJ, meeting in Seoul from June 11-16th 2001,

noting the efforts of the Executive Committee to address effectively the question of globalisation in the media sector,

concerned at the continuing process of media concentration on an international level,

believing that journalists’ unions need to play an active role in the elaboration of international social and economic policy regarding media and globalisation,

instructs the Executive Committee to examine, in co-operation with other relevant global unions such as the Union Network International, the possibility of active IFJ participation in joint campaigns to protect workers’ rights and to establish journalistic freedom at the level of the World Trade Organisation, the OECD and the agencies of the United Nations.

In addition, Congress instructs the Executive Committee to examine the practical arrangements for establishing a trade union databank of information related to the process of globalisation in media.