IFJ 2001: 17. Freedom of expression in The Basque Country (Spain)

17. Freedom of expression in The Basque Country (Spain)

Proposed: Spanish Federation of Press Associations (FAPE)

The 24th IFJ Congress, meeting in Seoul on June 11th to June 15th, 2001

Is preoccupied and shocked by the continuous attempts of the terrorist group ETA against freedom of expression that have occurred in the Basque Country during the lasts months resulting in the assassinations of three media workers, several injured persons and a lot of threatened ones.

Takes into account the report submitted to Congress by the Spanish Federation of Press Associations (FAPE)

Congress condemns the atmosphere of violence and threats under which Basque journalists suffer and which keep them from fulfilling their tasks under the minimum requirements of freedom in a democratic state

Congress approves the IFJ’s request for political authorities in the Basque Country, Spain and the European Union to take the necessary urgent measures to grant the free exercise of journalism in the Basque Country

Congress recommends the member states of the European Union and all the international bodies to launch a campaign in order to draw attention to the situation the Basque journalists are suffering of

Congress expresses its solidarity with the Spanish trade unions and professional organizations struggling for the re-establishment of freedom of expression in the Basque Country currently

Congress would find it convenient that the media act as coordinators and activists in all the initiatives that allow overcoming the present situation of threats against journalists.