Pakistani journalist abducted, second in less than a week

Karachi cameraperson Ali Mubashir was abducted near his office on April 1. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemned the abducted and demand information regarding Ali’s whereabouts and safety.

Ali Mubashir who has been missing since April 1. Credit: ShiiteNews

According to reports, Ali Mubashir, a cameraperson with Abb Takk, a privately owned news channel was whisked away from the carpark of his office. Ali’s disappearance came just two days after Daily Jang journalist Matloob Husain Mosavi was abducted from his home in Karachi on March 30.  

In its statement, KUJ said it sees these disappearances as an attack on the freedom of media and the right of free expression. KUJ also urge the government to ensure the safety of media in general in Pakistan.

“As it is the media is being pressurized through overt and covert threats to try and muzzle it and censor. Journalism is not a crime and Pakistani journalists will not cower down to any threats and will continue to do their job,” KUJ said.

The IFJ said: “The repercussions that enforced disappearances and abductions have on the media are widespread and often create a culture of fear and intimidation. The media in Karachi and Pakistan continues to operate in a challenge and unstable environment, and these latest attacks are only making the situation worse. We demand an investigation into the two disappearances and concrete action to end the practice in Pakistan.”








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