Turkey: IFJ calls on authorities not to extradite Iranian journalist

A journalist, persecuted on fabricated charges, was arrested on 17 January as he fled Iran to escape a jail sentence, and now fears being handed over to the Iranian authorities. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) urges the Turkish authorities not to extradite him and provide him with urgent protection. 

A court in Teheran sentenced Mohammad Mosaed on 25 August to four years and nine months in prison and banned him from any journalistic activity for two years, ordering the confiscation of his communication devices for allegedly "colluding against national security" and "spreading propaganda against the system."

Mosaed works as a freelance economic journalist reporting on corruption, among other issues. He has written for newspapers Shargh and Hamshahri and the weekly magazine Chelcheragh

He was first arrested in November 2019 in relation to posts he published criticizing the Internet shutdown in Iran at the time. 

On 22 February, agents of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) summoned Mosaed, questioning him on his social media activity. He was forced to delete his Telegram channel and deactivate his Twitter account. 

Mosaed has also published posts criticizing the Iranian government for its handling of the Coronavirus outbreak and denouncing the nomination of hardliner candidates for parliamentary elections.

He was arrested by the Turkish police in Van on 17 January after fleeing Iran when he was summoned by the authorities to begin serving his jail sentence. The arrest took place while he was suffering ill-health due to due to freezing weather, and had been taken to a hospital.

The IFJ said: "The process of deporting Mosaed to Iran has started and could happen any time now. He faces a great risk of arrest and torture in Iran if deported and we are truly concerned about his fate if it happens. Our colleague was just doing his job. We find the accusations against him completely unfounded and urge the Turkish authorities to keep him safe and refuse his extradition. The IFJ once more calls on Iranian authorities to stop their persecution of journalists immediately and drop all charges against Mosaed".  





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