The IFJ denounces the derogation of Law 1728 of Administrative Transparency in Paraguay

The Latin American Group of the Federation the International of Journalists (GAL-FIP) today announced the derogation on the part of the Paraguayan parliament of Law 1728 of Administrative Transparency, that restricted severely access to the citizenship and the journalists to official documents.

Oswaldo Urriolabeitia, vice-president of the Executive Committee of the FIP and member of the director of the GAL-FIP, emphasized that the derogation of the mentioned law was possible to the severe critics formulated by the civil society, headed by the Union of Journalists of Paraguay (SPP), member of the Latin American Group of the FIP.

The law was countermanded, after two months of use, as soon as the Paraguayan Senate, unanimously, ratified the decision that in the same sense had initially taken the House of Representatives the past 16 from August. On the other hand, in the Parliament is another project of law, presented/displayed by journalists and civil society, with which the public information in Paraguay looks for to guarantee the access and proposes mechanisms that allow to give fulfillment to article 28 of the National Constitution that indicates that the public sources of information are " free for all ".

This new project of law was the past presented/displayed 22 of August by the Alliance by the Defense of the Freedom of Expression and the Right to the Information, that it was conformed to initiative of the Union of Journalists of Paraguay (SPP), and counts on the adhesion of the Coordinator of Human rights of Paraguay, the Association of Users and Consumers, Sitrande, union of the electrical sector) and Communicates (association of communitarian radios).