IFJ/EFJ Taking Part in International Mission to Ukraine

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) are taking part in an international fact finding mission to Ukraine to gather first-hand information about the problems facing the country's journalists and offer them solidarity and support.   

The international mission, taking place from 19-21 February, has been arranged in partnership with a number of international professional associations and freedom of expression groups. The mission has been organised in response to a tumultuous period of political and social unrest in Ukraine during which freedom of expression has been continuously violated and it is estimated that over 150 journalists have been injured. 

The three-day international mission will aim to:

      · Research the current situation regarding journalists' rights violations in Ukraine

      · Outline the plan for international advocacy and continued attention to journalists' rights protection in Ukraine

      · Discuss possible formats and mechanisms of assistance for journalists whose rights were violated and who suffered during the events in Ukraine from the end of November 2013

      · Discuss and develop strategies and outline an action plan for the follow up activities of the partnership

            During the course of the mission, partnership members will meet with journalists who have suffered during the crisis, hold discussions with IFJ/EFJ's Ukraine affiliates, the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine (IMTUU) and the National Union of Journalists in the Ukraine (NUJU), and meet with Ukrainian media lawyers, human rights activists and media NGO's.

            The mission will also hold discussions with government officials. A meeting has been arranged with the Parliament Committee for Freedom of Speech which brings together politicians, civil servants, judicial representatives and members of the police force.  An excursion has also been organised to Maidan (the Independence square), and local TV press centres.

            The full list of organisations involved in the international partnership is:

            - International Federation of Journalists and European Federation of Journalists
            - World Association of Newspapers
            - Article 19
            - Reporters without Borders 
            - International Media Support
            - Open Society Foundations
            - Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media of the OSCE

            For more information, please contact IFJ on +32 2 235 22 17
            The IFJ represents more than 600 000 journalists in 134 countries