IFJ urges China to explain crackdown on news sources

Media Release: China                                                    

April 18, 2013


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is

concerned that China’s Department for the State General Administration of

Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has issued a notice to all media outlets and personnel forbidding

them from quoting foreign, Hong Kong, Taiwan and

Macau news agencies without prior censorship and approval.  

The order says the

media must guide public opinion and keep its reports “positive”.

The IFJ Asia-Pacific Office says journalists are required by their

professional ethics to report fairly and truthfully, with balance and honesty.

“This is a worrying encroachment on the professional responsibilities of

journalists by an arm of the state. The order does not explain how the new

procedures will ensure proper, accurate reporting or why non-Mainland news sources would suddenly be considered unreliable.”

The IFJ added: “The

decision imposes further restraints on press freedom, impedes legitimate

newsgathering and dissemination and is an attack the ethics of professional


The IFJ urges Cai

Fuchao, director of the State General Administration of Press, Publication,

Radio, Film and Television, to clarify the uncertainties surrounding the order and

to take steps to ensure the media can fulfil its legitimate role of reporting

the news honestly and truthfully using a multitude of legitimate new sources rather

than become a mouthpiece for propaganda.  


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