IFJ Marks Central Role of Gender at World Congress with Special Exhibition

To mark the central role of Gender at this year's World Congress, the IFJ has created a digital Gender Exhibition.

The exhibition, which was put together by members of the IFJ gender council, features a range of pictures from across the world, most of which have been taken by women. It conveys a positive message that women can play a determinant role in trade unions and the economy, whether in front of or behind the camera.

To view the photo exhibition, just click on the link in the Photo Gallery on the IFJ World Congress website, or click on this link: IFJ Gender Exhibition.pptx The exhibition will also be played on screen during the Congress period.

The issue of Gender will be a key focus throughout the World Congress week.

On Monday 3 June, the Gender Council meeting, beginning at 9:30am, will be held at Liberty Hall, while there will be a Special Sisters in Union event at 7pm at the Teachers Club to celebrate the contribution of the women who took part in the 1913 Lockout in Dublin, a seminal event in the history of the Irish and international labour movement.

Check out the Agenda to learn more about these events.

Gender policy of the IFJ

The IFJ has adopted the policy of "mainstreaming" as the primary method to support gender work, both in the unions and within the IFJ itself. Mainstreaming means that every policy decision and topic for debate will have been scrutinised for its impact on women specifically and gender equality in general.

Additionally, this means that to promote equality steps will be taken to lessen negative impacts and to increase those with a positive impact in the decisions made.*Please not that while the concept is about addressing any imbalance between the sexes, ideally the implementation should enrich and inform the debate and policies for both.

*One of the most important aspects of mainstreaming is that it cannot only be the women who participate and work with awareness of gender issues.

Delegates can contribute to Mainstreaming at Congress by:

- Looking out for gender impacts of the topics/and or motions at the congress that might effect their own region or union, and discuss these with women from their unions in preparation.

Volunteering to bring these issues, or one of those arising from the debate at Congress, to the floor as questions to aid and inform debates.

- Encouraging the active participation of women delegates in major issues, decisions and participation during the main congress, not only those of gender.

- Encouraging male delegates to actively participate, where possible, in raising gender issues impacting on female journalists in their own regions.

- Actively encouraging women delegates to stand for committees and decision-making bodies.

- Using the information offered to inform decisions to lessen the negative impacts and promote the positive impacts in policy decisions and votes taken

For more information, please contact IFJ on + 32 2 235 22 17
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