EFJ Welcomes Jobs Pledge as Peace Deal Ends Strike Threat at Swedish Broadcasting

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its regional group the European Federation of Journalists today welcomed a “ground-breaking” last-minute agreement in Sweden that has averted last week a major confrontation between more than 2500 journalists working for the public service broadcasting sector.

Just as 400 members of the Swedish Union of Journalists, SJF, were preparing to walk out as the first group in a long relay of strikes in the public service radio and television, the SJF managed to sign a new collective agreement for the journalists working for the public service media.

The controversial issue was the employers´ demand for extended possibilities to employ journalists on short term contracts without limitations, i.e. the right to employ an unlimited number of journalists without having to specify any reason why the employments should be on a short term basis.

The new agreement is groundbreaking: it gives the local branches of the union the right to negotiate with their employers before anyone is employed on a short term contract. The employers have to show that there is a need for a short term employment and the reasons for it – a provision that is unique on the Swedish labour market.

'We are very happy today about this very important step forward and encouraged to continue the fight to improve the situation for the many journalists working in precarious employment', said SJF Vice President/EFJ chair Arne König.

The new agreement includes a wage increase averaging more than ten per cent during a three year period.

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