Charlie Hebdo, one month after: a tribute from the IFJ

One month after the massacre of Paris, in which 12 people were shot dead, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has gathered as a tribute to their memory all its articles, images and different homages from around the world regarding the attack to Charlie Hebdo magazine.

By this humble tribute, the IFJ wants to insist on the fact that every time a journalist or a media are targeted, the whole democratic society is targeted with them. We reiterate all our support to our colleagues, our three French unions (SNJ, SNJ-CGT and CFDT) and very especially, to the families and friends of the victims. Charlie Hebdo’s colleagues will always remain in our thoughts. We will never forget you. #JeSuisCharlie

Below is a picture gallery compiled by the SNJ (Syndicate National des Journalistes).   

 The articles are the following:

1. IFJ Condemns Killings of Media Staff in Shocking Attack on French Magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Office in Paris

2. IFJ/EFJ's Statements at the Brussels' Solidarity Homage for Charlie Hebdo's Victims

3. Brussel’s press corps pays tribute to Charlie Hebdo journalists

4. Charlie-berté : libérons lʼinformation !

5. Les syndicats français (SNJ, SNJ-CGT et CFDT-Journalistes) appellent rassemblement devant Charlie Hebdo jeudi à 12H avec la FIJ et la FEJ

6. Charlie-Hebdo : la FIJ et la FEJ à la manifestation à Paris dimanche

7. Charlie Hebdo in Paris, IFJ and EFJ in Solidarity with French Journalists

8. The IFJ and EFJ lead the Paris Charlie Hebdo protest

9. Story: Charlie-Hebdo, quand le dessinateur Luz croque la FIJ

10. Solidarité Charlie Hebdo: appel aux dons

11. "We are all Charlie Hebdo": the plural message from the IFJ and its international affiliates in solidarity with French colleagues

12. #JeSuisCharlie: Solidarity messages from Asia Pacific affiliates

13. Other organizations apart from IFJ's affiliates send us their condolences regarding the Charlie Hebdo's attack

14. The international press backs in its different front pages Charlie Hebdo's colleagues

15. UNESCO 'Journalism After Charlie' Conference Denounces Staggering Figures of Killed Journalists

16. Charlie Hebdo: la censure à l'oeuvre en Turquie

17. AFP photojournalist survives attack during Charlie Hebdo demonstrations

18. 'IFJ in the News' Last Week

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