Pablo Isabel Hernández Rivera



The 34-year-old director of Radio Tenan was assassinated in the Tierra Colorada community in the department of Lempira, after being shot while walking to church from his home and was found by his family.

In addition to being director of the popular communication project of Radio Tenan, Hernández Rivera was a leader of the Lenca indigenous community to which the radio belonged and from which he promoted the creation of the Indigenous and Peoples University. She was also a member of the network of Human Rights Defenders.  Radio Tenan is a critical medium that denounced acts of corruption of the municipal mayor Efraín Guadalupe Muñoz. Members of the media assure that during 2021, as a result of their critical position against the local government, they had been victims of threats, theft of computers and sabotage of transmission equipment, with the aim of preventing their investigative work.