Nepalese Journalists Protest Against Violence

Message from the Nepal Press Union:

Nepalese media workers and media associated all organizations are conducting a long protest programme. The joint meeting of all media professionals related organizations have strongly demanded the government to form a high level judicial commission to investigate over the murder, torture, mistreatment meted out to media persons and interference over the media.

Nepal Press Union and other media related organizations called the government to disclose the mystified whereabouts of journalist Krishna Sen, editor of Janadisha Daily who was arrested by police and said to have been allegedly murdered in the custody due to torture and intimidation. Journalists' Unions and other organizations not only urged to government to disclose the whereabouts of other Journalists who have been detained by the government but also to disclose their situation and release them at the earliest.

Nepal Press Union also demanded the government to stop meddling over the source of information and create conducive environment to collect the information independently and take back all orders that prohibit and suspend the right to information.

Nepal Press Union condemns the government's plunder, arson, murder and intimidation over the journalists during a state of emergency in the country and demands to end all such Acts.

Nepalese pro-journalists organizations including Nepal Press Union submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. Our slogan is "Journalists' right to live independently and write freely". We prepared the programme as follows.

All Nepalese journalists will tie black strips in their working areas and work july 11 to 15.

July 16, Boycott reporting of programmes where there is presence of members of council of ministers or any other government employee.

July 17 and 18 boycott printing the photos of PM or any members of council of ministers in all the national newspapers.

We expect solidarity and publicity for our struggle. Please send appeals to Nepalese Prime Minister in English Language for the protection and safeguard the life of journalists, honor the press freedom, constitute a independent and judicial investigation commission and release all journalists.

Rt. Hon. Sher Bahadur Deuba

Prime Minister

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Salutation: Dear Prime Minister

Tarun K. Poudel

Secretary General

Nepal Press Union

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