Eih Eih 'Emily' Tin: "The situation of women in the media in Myanmar is gotten worse because there is no job security"

Emily is the Joint Secretary 1 of the Myanmar Journalists Association and says cultural gender stereotypes are impacting women's leadership in the media.

How would you describe the situation of women in media in your own country? What are the challenges they face reaching top level positions?

The situation of women in the media in Myanmar is gotten worse because there is no job security, not enough information and no family support. When a woman gets pregnant she is just expected to quit her job.

As a woman who reached a leadership position, have you faced any obstacle because of your gender? if yes, which ones?

There are some women in leadership positions, but it is very rare. The mindset in Myanmar is still very much “men should be the leader, women should take care of the family”.

What are the consequences of the lack of women in managing positions in media?

The lack of women in management positions in the media means that we don’t even know how gender equality would improve the current situation, as we have no examples to use.

How can we solve this situation? Considering your personal experience, what would you suggest to reach gender equality in media? 

We need trainings and knowledge sharing opportunities, women need to know their rights

What could be the role of men journalists and media leaders in this process?

We should stand together, hand in hand, understanding the issues and working together.

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