Statement by AGJPB - Protection of Sources: Progress for Journalists’ Rights But AGJPB Looks For Greater Legal Guarantees

The Belgium Chamber has voted in favour of a draft law on protection of sources, which constitutes real progress for journalists' rights in Belgium.

However, the Belgian Association of Journalists, AGJPB strongly objects to an amendment accepted by the parliamentarians that includes an exception surrounding anti-terrorism laws. The association hopes that this exception will be deleted, especially to make it possible for journalists to work on issues related to terrorism without fear of having to reveal their sources.

The AGJPB welcomes the decision to remove an exception regarding the 'security of the state', which was contained in the previous text.

It likewise appreciates the addition of the word 'serious' regarding the notion of threat to the physical integrity of people.

The AGJPB will continue to monitor closely further developments of the text which is due for review in the Senate.

Philippe Leruth


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