Ownership of authors’ rights and Collective Management in the European Union-Meeting Journalists Needs

5-6th November, Lisbon

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) in co-operation with the Authors’ Rights Expert Group (AREG) and the Portuguese union of journalists will hold a seminar on Ownership of authors’ rights and collective management in the European Union-Meeting journalists’needs in Lisbon, Portugal, on 5-6 November 2005. The seminar is financially supported by the European Union.

This seminar is a follow up to the EFJ seminar on "Journalists Authors’ Rights in EU acceding countries " held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 21-22 November 2003. EU enlargement and EU initiatives in the field of collective management as well as regular attacks on journalists’ authors’ rights in Europe were seen as significant factors for bringing together again EFJ colleagues from the European Union and candidate countries to address these concerns, exchange best practices and reinforce the EFJ affiliates’ network on authors’ rights issues. The first results of the EFJ survey on Collecting Systems for journamists authors’ rights in the European Union will be introduced at the seminar. 

Final report

Programme in English

Programme en français


A Journalist's perspective on authors' rights, Anne Louise Schelin

Gestion collective des droits d'auteurs et diffusion par Internet, Olle Wilöf

RROs-How to meet journalists' needs?, Tarja, Koskinen-Olsson

Os herdeiros de Gutenberg na Galáxia Google, Alfredo Maia   EN: Gutenberg’s Heirs in the Google Galaxy

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