"Journalists Must Fight Corruption", Says IFJ President at UNESCO Conference in Sri Lanka

The president of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Christopher Warren, called on all journalists to join the battle against corruption, while addressing a UNESCO conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka today.

“Corruption threatens free and effective societies. It discredits the key institutions of democracy, including the media itself,”

”We have a responsibility, both as individuals and as a collective, to battle corruption within the media. And we have a responsibility to combat the corruption that flows from commercialism and corporations that use their media interests to advance their corporate interests,” said Warren.

”We have an ethical obligation to our readers, viewers and listeners. They expect honesty from us as we demand it from others,” he said.

Today’s conference, which coincides with World Press Freedom Day, was aimed at promoting global transparency and accountability within governments and media organisations.

“Investigative journalism is fundamental in combating corruption. Without it, inefficiency, waste, crime and secrecy thrive… But investigating corruption is a risky business,” said Warren.

“It is a tribute to the integrity of our craft that, despite the risk, journalists continue to investigate and fight corruption, struggling to expose corrupt politicians, corporations and criminals,” said Warren.

Tomorrow the IFJ, together with the South Asia Media Solidarity Network, will be releasing the annual South Asia Press Freedom Report, with the support of UNESCO, titled Journalism in troubled times: The struggle for press freedom in South Asia. According to Warren, the report highlights the plight of journalists throughout South Asia.

“This report shows two things: First, press freedom is under continued pressure from governments, insurgents, terrorists and thugs. Second, that journalists are fighting back.”

The report will be available online at www.ifj-asia.org  from May 3.

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