International Media Mission Concludes Visit to Nepal


The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) participated in a five-day International Media

Mission to Nepal,

with a representative of the IFJ-sponsored South Asia Media Solidarity Network

(SAMSN) and several other international organisations engaged in press freedom

campaign and advocacy work.


The Mission reviewed the status of press freedom under Nepal’s

new political order, met with key members of the government and the media

community, and made an urgent call for hastening the process of writing the new

republican constitution, incorporating strong protections for freedom of speech

and expression.


The Mission underlined the need for addressing the crisis of

livelihoods among Nepal’s

journalists, in part by improving the coverage and implementation of the Working Journalists’ Act, as adopted in

1993 and amended in 2006.


Mission members

also visited the two district towns of Biratnagar (Morang district) and

Janakpur (Dhanusha district) in the southern plains of Nepal, where

recent political conflicts have posed fresh hazards and challenges for journalism.


The Mission met with the

Prime Minister and Home Minister of Nepal, the Chairman of the Constituent

Assembly and leaders of the main political parties, aside from senior editors,

journalists and civil society actors.


The Federation of

Nepali Journalists, an IFJ-affiliate, hosted the Mission, which concluded with an agreed joint

declaration on February 27.


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