IFJ Condemns Assaults on News Crew in Mongolia

The International Federation of Journalists

(IFJ) joins its affiliate the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists (CMJ) in

condemning the assault on a Khongor Television news crew in Bayankhongor Province

in western Mongolia,

on January 2. 

Journalist T. Danaasuren and camera operator J. Tuvshintulga were assaulted

while covering a series of incidents between small local mining entrepreneurs

and guards from the Special Mines company, following complaints from local


According to a report from Mongolian press freedom NGO Globe International, the

television crew were approached by the company’s guards while entering Special

Mines’ premises to investigate the dispute. The guards reportedly threatened to

kill the news crew, and stuck their truncheons into the face of T. Danaasuren.

The guards then seized the crew’s camera and detained them in an unheated ger (traditional Mongolian dwelling) for

two hours. The camera was destroyed during the scuffle between the camera

operator and the guards. The guards also subsequently deleted all images from

the camera.


 “The IFJ joins the CMJ in calling

on the law enforcement agencies of Bayankhongor

Province to fully

investigate these alleged assaults,” IFJ Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park



“Intimidation and physical assaults are a clear violation of media rights. The

press should be able to report freely on events in the public interest, without

fear for their personal safety.”

Article 39 of Mongolia’s Criminal Code states: “Prevention of a journalist’s

professional activities that are consistent with law with the view of

dissemination or preventing dissemination of any information which affects the

culprit’s or others’ interests shall be punishable”. Article 16 of the

Mongolian Constitution also guarantees the right to seek and receive



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