EFJ urges Turkish authorities to reconsider Murat Aydin’s court ruling

On 13 March Turkish journalist Murat Aydin has been convicted to six years and three months in prison on charges of alleged membership in the forbidden Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK). Aydin reports for Dicle News Agency (DIHA) and has been judged upon based on his work with prosecutors citing phone conversations with DIHA and other news outlets as evidence. Reporting on the PKK is not a criminal offence in Turkey.


"It is shocking to see Murat Aydin to have been convicted for nothing other than carrying out his work. We are strongly calling upon the courts to review his case," says EFJ President Arne König.


A regional court in the eastern province of Van has ruled on Murat Aydin who denies vehemently any links to PKK and argues he was being prosecuted for his reporting. Aydin was arrested in October 2011 and consequently released a year later after his first court hearing. He will appeal to the verdict and until a final ruling is given by the Supreme Court will not be jailed.


His lawyer, Halil Kartal, reported that Adin was abused by police during his arrest.