Zulfiqar Mandrani

The reporter associated with KTN Group was gunned down in Jacobabad District of Dodapur city. According to media reports, police arrested six suspects in connection with his killing, including a police officer named Mumtaz Daio .The others were named as Akbar Ali, Syed Imam Shah, Ghulam Ali, Riaz Daio and Nazeer Daio while four other suspects were at large with police looking for them. Police recovered guns used in the killing from Nazeer Diao and Riaz Diao, media reports added.

Mandrani’s father was quoted in media as accusing Mumtaz Daio of threatening his son for running stories against them. According to him, Mandrani was attacked by the policeman and his accomplices at the market place and taken to an empty house, where he was shot dead.