Rajasthan Patrika Invites Entries for KC Kulish International Award 2008

The Rajasthan Patrika Group is glad to announce the Second Karpoor Chandra

Kulish International Award 2008 (KC Kulish  Award 2008).


This annual

award, in the hallowed memory of  Karpoor Chandra Kulish, is aimed at

recognizing efforts of thought leaders in media, journalist's outstanding

contributions to upholding professional values as well as protecting and

promoting ethics and morality, right and freedom of the people for better

quality of life.   


award theme for the year 2008 shall be "Terrorism & Society".

 The award, together with US$ 11,000 in prize money,  is given to the winner of KC Kulish



trophy and prize money shall be awarded to the institution or team leader (in

case of independent team) on behalf of the team.   


and certificates shall be given to each member of the participating teams.


should have been published between 1st January 2008 and 31st December 2008.

Deadline: 28 February 2009, 1800 hrs (IST) shall be the last

date and time for sending the entries.


and English entries must be accompanied by full and accurate English

translations. Hindi entries should have a brief of the story in English attached

to the entry to be admissible.  Awards are restricted to Print Media



theme for the First KC Kulish Award for the year 2007 was "Human

Development". The jury received 187 entries from across the globe, 61

Indian newspapers pitched for 145 entries and 10 members of international media

submitted 42 entries.


Ms Afshan Subohi, DAWN, Karachi, Pakistan and her team

for the story "Why does corporate Pakistan detest democracy" and

Mr.Nilesh Mishra, Hindustan Times, Delhi and his team for the story - "The

new Muslim series-from Masjid to Market a journey" have been selected

joint winner of 2007 KCK International award'2007.


The award was given by former

President of India Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, in a glittering ceremony in the

Capital. Ten other stories have been selected for the merit award.  


fulfilling all requirements should reach the following address:


Kulish International Award, Rajasthan Patrika Private Limited, Kesargarh, JLN

Marg, Jaipur 302004, Rajasthan,




International Entries can be submitted online with PDF copies of all required

documents at: [email protected], [email protected].


further details please log on at www.patrika.com


IFJ is not responsible for the content of external sites nor for the

organisation of KCK Award 2008.