New hearing in OdaTV trial on Thursday

On Thursday 21 March, the OdaTV trial will resume in Istanbul. Following the release of nearly all of the accused since the beginning of the trial, journalist Yalçin Küçük will be at the centre of the hearing. The 76 year old is amongst other accused of establishing and administering an armed terrorist organisation, being a member of an armed terrorist organisation, inciting hatred among the public, procuring confidential documents relating to state security and attempting to affect the judiciary.

As the other arrested, Küçük maintained that the case was an excuse to bully independent and critical journalists and an attack on press freedom. On Thursday he will have been in prison for more than 743 days.

Barry White, member of the EFJ Steering Committee will be present at the trial observing.


"For Yalçin Küçük to be imprisoned for more than two years simply for carrying out his journalistic work is outraging. EFJ has been working hard for years to support and free journalists in Turkey who are jailed for their profession and we will continue to do so until all 69 colleagues are freed," says EFJ President Arne König.

The EFJ has been campaigning for the release of journalists jailed in Turkey because of their work. At one stage in 2012 over 100 journalists were in prison, and despite recent high-profile releases 69 journalists remain jailed. In some cases journalists have been held for many months awaiting trial.


Previous EFJ reports on the trial can be found below.



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