Mursal Wahidi, Sadia Sadat, Shahnaz Roafi

The three female journalists from Enikass TV were shot dead by unknown gunmen in two separate attacks as they returned home from work.

Mursal Wahidi, Sadia Sadat, and Shahnaz Roafi, who all worked in Enikass TV’s dubbing division, were gunned down in different locations in the eastern city of Jalalabad, in Nangarhār province. Saadia and Shahnaz were the first to be shot in Jalalabad police district one (PD1) around 4 pm, while Mursal Habibi was killed in police district four (PD4)  within minutes of that attack.

Ekinass had earlier informed Afghanistan’s national intelligence agency about threats to its staff, but had no information of threats directed at particular employees.