IFJ Concerned by Police Investigation into Maldives Journalist’s Sources


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliate the Maldives

Journalists’ Association (MJA) in calling for restraint by Maldives police

in questioning journalists about sources and the authenticity of news reports.


The MJA has

issued a statement protesting a recent decision by local police to summon the

news editor of the DhiFM channel, Mohamed Jinah Ali, for inquiries regarding

the authenticity of a news report broadcast on December 29, 2010.  The report concerned an alleged leak of the

examination paper administered by an international school board.


“The Maldives

is one of the few countries that provides protection in its basic law to the

right of journalists to maintain confidentiality of sources,” IFJ Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park.


“This is a

healthy first step towards a truly free environment for journalism, but we

would like to caution against any action that would violate its basic promise.”


The MJA has

argued that the Maldives has appropriate bodies which have been established by

law, such as the Maldives Media Council (MMC), to attend to the task of

establishing the authenticity or otherwise of media news reports.


“We call

upon the government and police in the Maldives to use the available framework

of institutions to address the issues raised by journalistic work, not police

investigations,” Park said.



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