EFJ Supports 'Key Industrial Action' for Journalists in Germany

Today the European

Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the European group of the International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) supported the national day of strike and the

demonstration of German journalists and print workers in Frankfurt on 9 June.

"This industrial action is key for the rights of journalists in Germany

and for their future," said EFJ

President Arne König. "The economic situation of the German media industry

cannot justify any of the requests made by employers' organisations, which are

a backlash on working conditions and which would damage journalism as a public


The national day of action, organised by the EFJ affiliates DJV and DJU in

ver.di, takes places following weeks of actions and attempts to counter

unacceptable demands by employers and newspaper publishers. The latter ask for

drastic reduction of salary and of holiday and for increase of working time,

which would result in 30% loss of salary for newcomers to the sector and those

who change their job. In May already, thousands of employees were on strike to

fight against these demands concerning 14.000 newspaper journalists, 8.000

magazine journalists and 160.000 print workers.

"The plans of the publishers are a cost-cutting nonsense, but also a

disregard and an attack on values of journalism in Germany", say the German unions of journalists.

"Their economic pressure is unjustified as most workers of the media sector

already lost income over the past ten years because of the inflation and many

young journalists are living in precarious working conditions. This is why

unions ask for an increase of wages and a limitation of temporary work in the


The Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) proposed an appointment

to reopen the negotiations concerning the journalists and media workers covered

by the agreement. It will take place on 15 June in Düsseldorf.

The EFJ expresses its strong solidarity with German journalists and print workers

in their struggle.

More information in Germany and contacts for support:
DJV:  http://www.djv.de/SingleNews.20+M5838095cf29.0.html // Hendrik Zörner: [email protected]
DJU in ver.di:  http://tarifrunde-print.verdi.de/) //

Matthias von Fintel: [email protected]

For more information, please contact EFJ on + 32 2 235 22 00
The EFJ represents more than 250.000 members in over 30 countries