EFJ AGM 2000: 13. Recognition of IFJ Press Card

European Federation of Journalists (IFJ)


Adopted by the EFJ AGM held in Nuremberg, Germany, May 26-28, 2000

13. Recognition of IFJ Press Card

From the Swiss Federation of Journalists and the Journalists' Union of Slovakia

The AGM instructs the EFJ Steering Committee and its national Member Unions to immediately undertake all necessary action that the IFJ Press Card is recognised without reservation by the institutions of the European Union and by all national governments.

The two associations equally demand that the price of the IFJ press card will be reduced in order to make it possible for all journalists to purchase it. Thanks to a higher circulation this should be possible.

In a time when publishers and big media companies globalise their activities, the journalists should react and protect their interest through the common International Press Card.