The EFJ Freelance Rights Expert Group

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) brings together the journalists' unions of the continent. Much of its activity is naturally concerned with policy at a European level, both in the European Union and the candidate member states.

The EFJ's Freelance Expert Group (FREG) facilitates the exchange of information among member unions on social-policy issues which affect freelance journalists. Its members are mostly working freelance journalists; some are full-time officials of their unions. They include:

Michael Hirschler, (Co-Chair), Germany

Heikki Jokinen, (Co-Chair), Finland

Marina Cosi, Italy

Barbara Deller-Leppert, Germany

Gunter Haake, Germany

Nelly Katsama, Greece

Arne König, Sweden

[email protected], Austria

David Roe, Ireland

Martine Rossard, France

John Toner, U.K.

Urs Thalmann, Switzerland (E-mail: Urs dot Thalmann at impressum dot ch)

Renate Schroeder, EFJ, Servicing officer

The Freelance Rights Expert Group works closely with the other experts groups : Authors' Rights Expert Group, Labour Rights Expert Group and the IFJ Public Broadcasting Committee.