Reporting Children's Rights in Eastern Africa - Seminar Report

Building on its experience in the development of guidelines for journalists reporting children's issues the IFJ organised a regional workshop in Nairobi (Kenya) during February 2003 with the members of the Eastern Africa Journalists Association.

The seminar brought together professional journalists from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania, to discuss and brainstorm on media coverage of child rights issues. Two Country case studies in Kenya and Ethiopia were presented and formed the basis of the discussions. These were complemented by short country reports by journalists who shared experiences from their respective countries.

The main objective of the seminar was to examine and discuss how the media in East

Africa covers child rights issues. Did the media strive to enlighten their readers on the

existing recognised child rights?

Please click on the link below to download the full seminar report.

Reporting Children's Rights - Report on the three-day seminar held in Nairobi, Kenya (PDF)

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