Papy Mumbere Mahamba

The journalist for the community radio of Lwebma in Ituri province, north east of the country, was killed by unidentified attackers at his home after he had presented a programme on Ebola epidemic. His wife was also injured by the attackers who burned down the family house.

Media reports said that Mahamba had not received threats but the Mai Mai, a local armed group had warned against any role in fighting Ebola disease. According to l'Observatoire africain de la liberté de la presse (OALP), many radio stations in Mambasa area had stopped broadcasting programmes on Ebola since September because of the open hostility from the majority of the local population and out of fear for reprisals.

Anyone involved in fighting Ebola, in particular health officials, risk violence from the population that resents the restrictions on their tradition during funerals when they are not allowed to touch victims of Ebola so as to prevent contamination of the virus.