Mohamed Isse Hassan

The journalist, nicknamed Kona, was killed Saturday in a double car bombing as he, two other journalists and a camera assistant rushed from their offices to investigate a blast at the nearby building of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education at the KM5 Junction in Mogadishu. The second bomb was then set off as eye witnesses, including the journalists, had gathered at the scene of the first blast.

Hassan died on the spot while his other colleagues, Feisal Omar Hashi, a stringer for Reuters, Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulle for VOA Somali and M24 TV and Bile Abdisalan Ahmed, a camera assistant for Hashi, escaped with serious injuries.

Mohamed Isse Hassan was an industrious and courageous reporter who has worked for several media houses both radio and television in Mogadishu.

Source: NUSOJ