IFJ Welcomes Arrest in Venezuela in Case of Murdered Journalist

The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today welcomed police action which has seen

the arrest of a suspect in the investigation into the killing of Venezuelan journalist Orel Sambrano, who was

killed on 16 January 2009 after been shot at close range in the central

city of Valencia.

The arrest came

after a huge police operation against drug traffickers in the city of Morón, in central  Venezuela

on Sunday.

"This is a

sign that the authorities are moving to confront impunity in the killing of

journalists," said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. "It is

long overdue but we welcome this as a positive step to bring justice to

those in journalism who are the victims of violence."

The IFJ says that

the assassination of  Sambrano, Director of weekly magazine ABC

and an influential person working on other media, including Radio

America, followed his action in exposing Walid Makle, businessman and

publisher of the newspaper El Periódico, who is currently behind bars.

It is reported widely that Makle may have ordered the killing from his prison

cell. The man who is accused of the murder is David Antonio Yáñez

Inciarte, aged 37.


journalists pay with their lives for exposing the evils of drug

trafficking," said Gregorio Salazar, Director of IFJ office in Caracas.  "Journalists and their

unions will continue to demand an end to impunity and for safe and secure

conditions in which to do their work." 


another case concerning Venezuelan

journalist Mauro Marcano, who was also killed by a gang of drug

traffickers, a man arrested for his murder was set free in circumstances

that many observers say reflected the connections between the drugs cartel

and high ranking military leaders.


this, the IFJ regional office in Caracas

says the detention of a suspect in the Sambrano case is a positive

step to challenge impunity of those who are involved in the killings

of journalists in Latin America.


is important now is for the due process of law to take its course," said

White. "Journalists demand justice, nothing more and certainly no


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information, please call the IFJ in Caracas 

+58 212 793 19



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