IFJ Condemns "dirty campaign" Against Creators in Struggle for New German Copyright Law

The world's largest journalists' group, the International Federation of Journalists, has accused media owners of an unfair and "dirty campaign" that undermines creators in the struggle for a new German copyright contract law. Advertising slots shown during different programs of German private television warn that the programme could not be broadcast anymore if creators' rights are strengthened. This is a clear breach of advertisement laws, says the IFJ.

"During the discussion about a new German copyright contract law it has been evident that media companies are abusing their economic power to lead an unjust campaign against the interests of the creators and authors." says Aidan White, General Secretary of the IFJ, "but the latest advertisements are a crude and outrageous attack on authors and creators." Self-interest advertisement of this kind not only breaches the principles of advertisement law, says the IFJ, but is completely misleading for the viewers.

"Tremendous amounts of DM are spent for the broadcasting rights of sport events and for shallow talk shows on the one hand." says the IFJ, "on the other, it is extremely worrying that there is no interest in investing in serious journalism and in strengthening the basic right of authors - to have control over how their work is used and their right to receive fair payment."

The worldwide authors' rights campaign (www.authorsrights.org) of the International Federation of Journalists supports the German creators in the discussion on the new copyright contract law.

"It is time for publishers and media owners to play fair, not to abuse their privileged position, and to support a law that will put Germany in the vanguard of European efforts to support creativity and professionalism in media", said Aidan White.