Gambian Press Union Condemns Harassment of Local Journalist

Statement from the Gambian Press Union

The Gambia Press Union is once again concerned and perplexed by the sort of treatment meted out to our colleague Alagi Yorro Jallow, Managing Editor of The Independent by the police during the Tobaski holidays (2nd February). We could not see the justification for them dragging him away from his family in Jarra where he went for the Tobaski prayers and taking him first to the Mansakonko Police Station and later to the Bundung Police Station without giving him any reasons for their action. This is yet another demonstration of the arbitrariness of our security forces and their lack of respect for the people’s basic constitutional rights.

While the police have not as yet told Alagi Yorro the reasons for subjecting him to such treatment, it is becoming apparent to the GPU that it has something to do with last Friday’s lead story by The Independent in which they made some revelations about the ownership of the Kairaba Beach Hotel, which apparently did not amuse someone at the very top of the administration.

We would therefore urge the police to remain professional and not to allow anyone to use them for his/her personal vendetta.

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