WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights

Latest WIPO discussions on a possible treaty for the protection of broadcasting organisations showed a greater consensus amongst WIPO delegates for restricting the beneficiaries of the future Treaty.

The aim of the future instrument is to update the Rome Convention of 1961 on the protection of performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organization. Discussions on the topic have been ongoing for several years but diverging views amongst WIPO national delegations on the beneficiaries of the protection, the scope of the treaty and the rights to be granted, have blocked the adoption of an instrument.

The IFJ/EFJ’s views are that it is still premature to include cablecasters and webcasters in the future instrument and that the treaty should only focus on the protection of traditional broadcasters while taking into account interests of authors.

Many of WIPO delegates seem to agree on the exclusion of webcasters from the beneficiaries of the treaty, although the USA still hold a very strict position on the subject, supporting the inclusion of new types of broadcasting activities. No final consensus has been reached regarding the scope of protection and the rights to be granted to broadcasters.

Next discussions at WIPO, Geneva, will be held in November 2003.