Seven Organisations of Journalists Present Short Film to Honour World Press Freedom Day

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The following movie has been made to

commemorate the lives  of more than 800

journalists and media workers who have lost their lives  as a result of their work since United Nations

first established May 3 as the WorldPress Freedom Day, in 1993.

Be it in Iraq, Burma, Russia,

Uzbekistan or Colombia,

reporters and media workers throughout the world are subject to daily repression.

They are threatened or killed because of their investigations into corruption,

violence and discrimination.

In December 1993 the UN General Assembly made May 3 the day of World Press

Freedom, honouring the demands of the UNESCO "Windhoek Declaration"

Where two years earlier journalists from all over the world declared  free, plurastic and independent media as a

necessary part of a democratic society. They denounced censorship and

repression as the most severe violations of human rights.

Journalists asked governments worldwide to guarantee press freedom and freedom

of association as a constitutional right. They spoke out in favour of

independent associations and sought international support for free media and


This year marks the 15th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day.

More than 827 journalists and media workers have lost their live since the day

was established - they have been shot, beaten, butchered or  caught in the crossfire including   prominent

cases such as Anna Politkovskaia and Daniel Pearl. Only in a few cases have the

perpetrators been brought to justice, while most remain unsolved  and often un- investigated.

We want to remember those journalists with this film. They are not forgotten.

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