Resolutions adopted by IFJ World Congress 2004

On 25-30 May 2004, the IFJ held its World Congress in Athens. Here below are the Resolutions adopted by the Congress (WORD).


- IFJ Working Programme

- Media, Globalisation and Democratic Liberties

- Media and Globalisation

- Employment Policies in Greek Public Broadcaster ERT

- Attacks on Civil Liberties

- IFJ/Federation of Arab Journalists Co-operation

- IFJ Safety Fund

- External Debt and Social Peace

- Authors’ Rights

- Public Service Radio and Television

- Democratic Transformation of Media

- IFJ Project Activities 2004-2007

- World Survey on Social and Professional Status of Journalists

- World Conference on Journalism and the War on Terrorism

- Journalism and News Safety

- Gender Rights

- Globalisation and Democratic Liberties

- Rights of Journalists

- HIV-Aids

- Journalists' Rights in Taiwan

- Authors' Rights

- Democratization and Journalists' Rights

- Developing a free and Independent Media in Somalia

- Collective Bargaining Rights

- Respect of Basic Human Rights

- Journalists and News Safety

- Media Ownnership