Report from the meeting of authors and visual artists

The board members for associated authors’ organisations had called a meeting for Sunday the 23rd and a surprising number of representatives showed up considering the meeting had had to be placed so far ahead of the AGM.

This short note is not meant to be minutes from the meeting, it is just to inform that a meeting has taken place and what plans the meeting lay down for future co-operation.

The digital strategy

The president of IFRRO Peter Shepherd and the general secretary Olav Stokkmo participated in the part of the meeting which was dedicated to discussions on the digital strategy. This was a beginning of the consultation rounds with authors (and other rights holders). Peter Shepherd and Olav Stokkmo explained the priority goals of the digital strategy and answered questions from the group.

Future meetings

The participants agreed that another meeting for authors should take place during the next AGM in 2006 and that this meeting if possible should be held during the AGM week in a free slot in the timetables in order to make it possible for as many as possible to attend.

It was furthermore agreed that an attempt should be made to call a meeting half way between the AGMs of 2005 and 2006, preferable in connection with a board meeting and WG meetings. (The best time will probably be in connection with the meetings in Berlin at the end of May 2006).

Criteria for participation

The invitations for the meeting had gone out to associate member organisations representing authors only and to author controlled RROs. As it was a first attempt to gather all authors representatives mistakes are sure to have taken place. Any doubts about criteria will be settled amiably.

It will be considered to find a way to open the authors’ meeting during the next AGM to those representa-tives who are a part of the delegation of an IFRRO RRO member organisation and who are mandated by an authors’ organisation.

The purpose of the meetings

It was agreed that the meetings were a useful tool for communication between the authors’ representatives and the board members representing the IFRRO associate members and also as a general platform for authors’ co-operation. It is hoped that the meetings will contribute to authors becoming more visible in the IFRRO work.

Information between meetings

You are always welcome to communicate with us by e-mail (see below) and we will pass on especially important information on the e-mail list that has been set up. Please let us know if you would like to be included in the list (you just need to give us the information necessary for the above mentioned criteria).

Best regards

Joanna Cave (DACS) and Anne Louise Schelin (IFJ)