News Black Out in Cambodia with Closure of 180 Newsstands

The Cambodian capital has been without news for over two days following the closure of over 180 newspaper stands in Phnom Penh, says the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

According to IFJ affiliate, the Cambodian Association for Protection of Journalists (CAPJ) more than 180 newsstands have been closed in Phnom Penh for two days from March 6-7 against the Phnom Penh authority who planned to remove the newsstands from their current location and forcing the owners to purchase buy a new model of newsstands made by the Phnom Penh authority.

Representative of Delivering Newspapers and Magazines Association (DNMA) has said that the closure will end Wednesday March 8 but will continue until the Phnom Penh Authority agrees to relocate the newsstands with consent from the newsstand owners.

The representative of DNMA said the new newsstands made by the Phnom Penh Authority are too small and not acceptable to stand owners.

DNMAs members plan to hold a demonstration in front of the Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen's house to show that the Phnom Penh authority has cracked down on the newsstands against the will and the law stipulated in the Cambodia Constitution.

The IFJ supports CAPJ in its condemnation of the crack down of the newsstands as action against the free flow of information in Cambodia.

The actions taken by the Phnom Penh authority show a deep lack of respect for the people of Cambodia’s right to know, said IFJ president Christopher Warren.

“We’re calling for the Phnom Penh authorities to take immediate steps to ensure the free flow of information in Cambodia,” said Warren.

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