IFJ Welcomes Agreement between Federation of Nepali Journalists and Government


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today welcomed the ten-point

agreement between the Nepal

government and the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), which led to the

cancellation of a nation-wide demonstration over growing attacks on the media.


signing the agreement, the Information and Communications Minister Krishna

Bahadur Mahara, has reportedly said that the government would make a firm

commitment in ongoing debates in the Nepali Constituent Assembly, to

safeguarding press freedom and ensuring the security of journalists and media



to the information received from the FNJ, an IFJ-affiliate, the Ministry will

create a special bureau to receive all complaints of press freedom violations,

which would promptly refer all such cases to the appropriate official bodies

for action. There would also be a special task force constituted to propose a

long-term policy on press freedom and journalists' safety.


agreement also embodies a commitment on the part of the Government to

investigate and initiate legal action against those believed responsible for

recent attacks on the media in Nepal.


note that within a day of the agreement being signed, there were both positive

and negative developments on the media front in Nepal", said Jacqueline Park, the

IFJ Director for the Asia-Pacific.


the positive side, one union affiliated with Nepal's

ruling Maoist party lifted its siege of the offices of the media group Kantipur

in the district town of Biratnagar,

allowing the group to resume operations. This allows time for the media

management to implement all clauses of the relevant labour agreement in line

with the applicable laws", said the IFJ Asia-Pacific.


on the negative side, we note that the Maoist union raised its banner at the

office of the media group APCA Nepal, in defiance of a judicial injunction and

in disregard of the established norms for recognition of a union".


IFJ urges all sides in Nepal

to ensure that the law on recognition of unions is scrupulously followed and

that there is no coercive takeover of established workers' bodies.

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