IFJ Protests Treatment of Journalists and Human Rights Observers in Hong Kong

The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has joined with Amnesty International

(Hong Kong) and the Asian Human Rights Commission

to express concerns about the detention of journalists and human rights defenders

who were observing protests in the region on July 1.


Kiri Choi, an intern journalist with

New Tang Dynasty Television, and David Cheung, a citizen journalist with Green

Radio, were detained by police on the night of July 1 after they took photos of

police escorting protestors from a demonstration earlier that day in Hong Kong. They told the IFJ they had disclosed their

identities to the police but were unable to produce their press cards when

questioned. They were arrested and detained at a police station in Aberdeen, Hong Kong for

more than 10 hours.


The July 12 joint statement also

protests the detention of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor Director Yuk Kai Law,

who was monitoring police behaviour at the demonstration a regular practice of

the organisation.


“Mr. Law and Ms Choi have done nothing inconsistent with the role as

impartial observers and reporters. They have not intervened nor obstructed

police actions,” the statement reads.


“The denial of access of human

rights observers to restricted areas as to thwart the purposes of human rights

and humanitarian law by restricting the free flow of information is totally



The statement urges the Hong Kong Police Force to cease

any attempt to obstruct human rights organisations from observing protests,

stop interfering with the press in their efforts to cover arrests at the scene

and strengthen training on international human rights standards on policing,

particularly for frontline police.


The IFJ fully endorses the

statement, which can be read here:Hong Kong Joint Statement



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