IFJ Condemns Deadly Attack on Journalists in Mexico


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today condemned the

shooting attack on two young Mexican journalists in the city of Ciudad Juárez in which photojournalist Luis Carlos Santiago was killed and his colleague Carlos Sanchez seriously wounded.

The two Journalists worked for the local newspaper, the Diario de Juarez, which Santiago had joined only two weeks ago and

where Sanchez was an intern, reports say.

"We condemn this wanton violence against young

innocent people who only wanted to pursue a career in journalism," said Aidan

White, IFJ General Secretary. "The authorities must step up their fight to

bring the war on journalists in Mexico to an end."

Reports say that Santiago and Sanchez were shot

yesterday afternoon as they were leaving the offices of the Diario de Juarez newspaper located at

the Rio Grande Mall. The car they were travelling in was hit from behind by another  vehicle from which their attackers opened fire on the journalists with rifles and pistols.

Santiago died on the spot and Sanchez was taken to hospital where he is said to

in a critical condition, according to reports.

The IFJ, which launched in Mexico the campaign against

impunity in Latin America and Caribbean

region two years ago, says there

has been very little progress by the Mexican authorities in stemming violence

against media. The criminal groups involved in organized crime and drug

trafficking hold sway in many parts of the country and are targeting journalists

to intimidate and stop them from exposing their illegal activities.

"Journalists are on the front line in the war between

government and drug and crime cartels," added White. "Unless the government can

provide adequate protection to journalists, there is no hope for an end to organised crime in the country."

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